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Europallets is one of the most popular types of wooden panelboard platforms, which are perfectly fit for the transportation of various cargo. The dimensions of such a pallet are 800x1200 mm. You can optimize the cost of transporting and storing products by getting used europallets. 

European Pallet Association (EPAL)  is an international organization that unites all the manufacturers of euro pallets. This nonprofit organization aims at meeting the high standards of quality for all those engaged in production of European pallets.

Trading Company GEFEST is also a certificated manufacturer of pallets according to the UIC 435-2 standard from EPAL. European Pallet Association quality mark on the wood pallets of our company guarantees complete usage safety. Technology used for pallets production minimizes malfunction occurrence during shipping, loading and unloading.  

EPAL certificate guarantees that the clients receive:

  •     Pallets made of first class wood
  •     Pallets with the load capacity up to 2000 kg
  •     Stability and durability of construction
  •     Confidence in the highest quality according to the recognized international standards


Europallet EPAL

The new europallet EPAL is made out of hardwood and softwood. All of the parts of the panelboard are made according to the UIС 435-2 European standard. The deck of the panel consists of five planks of varied width (145 and 100 mm), which alternate in a way that the outside and central planks are the widest. For the convenience of the panelboard loading the bottom three planks have lead-in chamfers and the four corners are also chamfered.    

Europallet without dies/bands

Europallet without any trademarks.All of the panelboard platform parts are manufactured according to the UIС 435-2 European standard. During the assembly of the pallet used ring and helical nails were used. In order to load the panelboards conveniently the bottom three planks have lead-in chamfers and the corners are also chamfered.